“To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script”
Alfred Hitchcock

Many a times we wonder why our films did not connect with audience. And many a times the answer lies in the script. Many issues that you find in your final film could have been solved at the script stage. A well-written script also helps in the judicious utilization of the resources. The writer or the director working on the script might get too attached to it to figure out what is not working or might lose their judgment because they have been working on it for too long. That’s when the script consultant comes into play. A script consultant will help you address the issues in the script and help you tell your story with much more impact. An emotional scene with a bit of tweaking could have much more power than you ever imagined or by figuring your protagonist’s need you could structure your story better.

Christo is working as a script mentor and story editor on many projects that are in pipeline, including Geetu Mohandas’s upcoming film ‘Bastards’ and many Nivin Pauly projects including ‘Gangster of Mundanmala’.

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